Thursday, June 25, 2009

JIM READ THIS IT IS AN EMERGENCY Wish you were here...

Jimmy, I know you check this, so I want to let you know. The last I talked to you, you were waiting at  the airport for your flight. Like I said, I went to lean over to get cleaner and something was leaking. I  am at Gerber still, They checked and it is amniotic fluid.. I am in Labor and they are giving me some Magnesium to stop it. I am being transferred to Spectrum as they do not feel it is safe to have the babies here with the placenta problems. My phone died after we talked and you hung up so fast for some reason..  I wish you were here. Now that they told me I am in labor I am scared to have the babies so soon. Please see if you can get an earlier flight. They can only stop the labor for so long and then they have to deliver. My cell phone is being charged by a friendly guy whose wife is in triage also and I do not know if you will get a hold of me when you try to call as it is totally dead. I will have to take it off their charger when I leave this place.  I do not have my computer and I am borrowing one. I love you, Missy The kids are with Tony for now but he has to work in the morning ....... I hope you get this before your flight leaves at midnight.:( You could call dads cell too.. he is heading home though and meeting me at the hospital. I called Roxanne but it don't seem like she is coming now after all this time of going to my appointment's .. I guess by the time I talk to you it may be when you get to the next airport and I will be in Grand rapids at Spectrum. They are talking about Aero Medding me but The Aero Med is busy so most likely it will be ambulance. I am nervous about flying tooo.. Wish you were here.


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