Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jims coming home.. 4 days leave and deploying to Iraq

Although Most of the guys are having their wives go to Washington with them, so they can see them before they head to Iraq, I will be staying home. I do want to see him though and was able to buy a ticket for him to come home for the leave.  I can not fly as I am too far along and do not want to go in labor for twins on a plane. The problem is that he will be on the plane for most of that time and only get to see us From Friday at 5 pm until Monday morning before I have to take him to the airport. 

It has been very hot this week. I want so bad to get the house in order before he comes back. We began renting this on May 1st and he had very little time to help us unpack before he had to deploy May 9th. I have been really working on the unpacking the past month and lucky to have Roxanne and the gang to help me. Mostly, I have to sort through things on my own but the larger furniture they were able to help with. I really think that all the hard work is paying off as it is getting pretty organized for just moving here. I am just so hot and my feet are swollen. I have been raking and mowing lawn also as the house was abandoned for years prior to me moving in.I am not sure the babies are going to make it any longer. There is this part of me that thinks they will come out when daddy is home so that he can see them. That scares me though, As I am not far enough along. They will be born while he is in Iraq if on their due date the 1st part of August. and he will see them in May of 2010 when they are 9 months old.

Anyways, Today I am so hot and tired I can do nothing but rest. I know I should be preparing for Jim to come home and It makes me sad that I am not. It is just too hot and I am too miserable. I feel like I can not go on anymore today in this heat. I have no Air Conditioner and I feel dehydrated even. I love the new house and wish that I owned it. The yard is big and the house is set up nicely. There are 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. The boys share a room The girls share a room and Troy has his own. I have my own as well. There are many flowers here and I love that. It is across the street from my dads which will be perfect while Jim is gone. 

The Military gives Jim extra money since I am staying here where I have to pay rent also. That makes it nice. I wish I was closer to other military women though as I feel sort of secluded from it. 
I am rambling I will sign off for now since I am tired and hot.. UGGHH


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