Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Introducing Stitch

Zane is our Hero of the day!

When the movie Stitch came out Megan was about 3 or 4 I cant remember now. We loved the part where it said "Ohana Means family..Nobody gets let behind". Megan being the smallest would always be the slow one when it came to our walks at the nature center and she would yell "Ohana mommy nobody gets left behind". I bought a stuffed stitch for the kids and when they would get sick they would get to lay and cuddle with him. Eventually the kids forgot about poor poor Stitch and he sat on a shelf in my bedroom among all the other stuffed animals. After all the times he was there for the whole family I bet he felt pretty bad just sitting there all alone. Well when we moved so many times last year he got lost. Poor stitch we couldn't find him anywhere. I thought maybe he had ran away because he felt forgotten. When Jim deployed we could not send him with him. Eventually one day I was sorting through stuff to donate in the garage. When i ran across a box of waffle blocks that i didn't want to see all of the floor I grabbed them to donate them but seen parts of Thomas the tank engine and decided I better save that for the next load and move on to something else that would not take so long to sort through. The next day when Zane was digging in boxes of toys he was not supposed to be in he found him in that very box. he Will l be on his way to Iraq soon as I can get out to the post office and mail him


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