Friday, December 2, 2011

25 days of Christmas day 2

December 2, 2011 
Original post (revised) from my old blog December 26,2009 7:42 PM

This is a re-post from 2  years ago I brought it in from my old blog and am adding to it to Share it again. Goodwill and  Love inc, are both area organizations that give back to our community and have stores to sell used items. They are also full of inexpensive childhood memories. This was a great find of mine a few years ago of a dish set. The dish sets at these places usually do not go over 10.00 per set. The great thing is they also usually include table settings for a family  of 8 or more. Another great perk is the shelf they have with miscellaneous dishes where you can find pieces to go with yours for 25 cents to a dollar. Love Inc is the best for this as they have things for a dime still.


This is what I gave Roxane for Christmas. (2009) She said I made her cry he he.. She had said her grandma had a set like it when she grew up and I found this one at a gargae sale last summer. I was going to keep it then realized how much it brought back memories to her and I didn't really need this set as much as I liked it.  I  Saved it for her all year and she thought it was mine he he..I  kept adding things to it and asking her opinion on what one was best.  Little did she know I was planning on giving it to her. You can not go to a store and buy a new set for the price of this antique set with this many dishes in it.
I am still planning on adding more inexpensive gifts and   homemade gifts  costing under 5 bucks. I wanted to share this as I love how you can buy something so inexpensive and bring a person back to a happy place in their childhood. It was not the price that mattered in this gift, nor the fact that it was used but the thought and memories that it brought. The funny thing about this was that I had each kid bring her one piece of a setting and she was so happy to get it but then later when she went to leave she realized that i was giving her the whole set not just one setting she was  even more happy.

I shared this with the 25 days of Christmas linkup here


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