Thursday, September 3, 2009

Uso jim reads books to the kids from Kuwait (old blog transferring

So the USO (united service organization) has places in Iraq and Kuwait and such on the base that the men can read stories to there children and send them home a video of it. The kids loved it. They all gathered around the couch and watched them on the computer. each story he read was sent home for them. It is really nice for the guys moral. Jim was having a bad day over there and one of the guys had told him about it. HE sent 3 videos with him reading 4 books. he sang the babies a lullaby on one of them. It is very important for the babies to hear his voice and see his face so they will know him when he gets home. The older kids are more attached to Jim and miss him horribly. at the start of the first video I could see the stress and hear it in Jim's voice. through out the videos I seen him start to look better and feel happier and joke around. IT made him happy to send the videos and it made the kids happy to see them. he even read a Dr Seuss book to The oldest.. who is 14 lol.. it was funny and made us all laugh. And it made troy happy not to be left out even if it was a kids book. 

Our wedding and birth of babies transfer from my old blog

I write here and there when i get a chance.. thought maybe i could put it all in one place...??? lets see how long i do this before i forget about it and get side tracked. yeah with 7 kids it seems like i would be more organized but oh well. Maybe some day. This year Our family has made a lot of changes i finally said yes and got hitched.. lol.. I was married once before and well that was a mess. Don't get married when you are a kid it wont work. Now I married this boy from school. lol... always thought he was  arrogant  back then... turns out I was wrong . I hope lol.. After my first marriage of almost 12 years I was set on being single when I got divorced... I'm kinda of a control freak.. as in don't want a man to control me... don't want a man to abuse me.. and wont let my self get into that situation again.. so it took me forever to say yes to my husband... This year my husband and I welcomed twins to the world. while he was on leave and at the airport on the way home I went into labor.. amazing timing as they were only born at 34 weeks gestation and he would not have seen them til they were almost a year old other wise. he did not make it for the birth but shortly after. We bought a home got married and had babies all in the same year. poor guy wasn't even here to sign for the house. I send him pictures talk to him on email and messenger and Skye and he watches the babies first all from his computer in his chu (containerized housing unit) Thank fully we are not a military family that moves all around as that would be bad with 7 kids. For now I stay here on the home front raising babies and waiting for his return. his mom lives with me right now  well that's where I'm at.. a story of how i got here would be much more dramatic and i would rather leave that behind me. and move on to better things..... My family, what we are and what we will be.