Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jim n Daisy

This is the Ice on the windows at the airport. the plane took an additional 30 minutes to get over to the spot to unload due to  ice on the runways. Thank god they  landed ok.
Wishes come true... Daddys home and spending  all his time with babies...bonding... what a great christmas.

The plane once it got there to drop him off.

Daisy seems to have missed  him too, she wanted to jump on him. He had to hold her still for the picture.
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Daddys Home

The news crew was there from fox 17  and  here is one more news cast  it was the top news story on there .. another news story on it

A few of the pics from the airport what a surprise.. I would blog about it but I would rather just add the news story up here

GRAND RAPIDS - One family is getting the ultimate Christmas gift this year --- some precious time together. Specialist James Rogers was deployed to Iraq starting on Mother's Day. Now he's being treated for a back injury at Fort Lewis in Washingston.

His wife Missy and seven kids, including two infant twins, weren't sure they would get to see Rogers for the holiday. But Christmas Eve night, they got an early gift as he arrived at the airport. Although Missy expected her husband, she didn't tell her seven kids until they made their way to the airport.

"Forget about the presents, this is the best Christmas gift I could ever give my kids," she said.

Rogers will be in town for 10 days before going back for more physical therapy.

Copyright © 2009, FOX 17 - West Michigan's FOX

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jim and alex before he left at my ultrasound

Posted by PicasaIt is times like these that I know why I married him. I think it takes the dedication of a soldier to be this good with 5 step children.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pictures of Christmas 12 18 09

 Daisy was sleeping  under the covers like a kid.
  This was our first tree this year. We wanted a bigger one so Nana bought us one at good will. This one never even got the lights lit on it.
what a cutie
Sierra i will have you for christmas.
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