Monday, February 28, 2011

Cube steak with Gravy in the crock pot!

Cube steak with Gravy in the crock pot!

 Served with: Baked potatoes, Green Beans and Biscuits

 (5 cube steak) Brown your cube steak with onions salt pepper seasoning salt and garlic (Those are my main ingredients for spices) sometimes I add onion salt or onion soup mix, steak sauce or  steak seasoning or whatever I find!
3 cans of mushroom soup and 3 cans of brown or beef gravy unless you have leftover gravy from something

Mix it all in together well in your crock pot, add the meat and cook 6-7 hours on high! Should be falling apart by then and yummy! Serve with the baked potatoes and biscuits so you can put it on top of them! 


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