Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#Crockpot Chicken Rice meal

Crock Pot Chicken Meal 

v  Boneless skinless chicken cut up and cooked
v  Cooked white rice
v  Cream of chicken soup
v  Mixed veggies and peas or any other Veggies on hand
v  Chicken broth from the fridge Swanson’s has no MSG I try to use as much Natural Food as possible. 
v  Cut up carrots  and maybe a few  potatoes
v  Seasonings of your choice.


Corrine said...

how long do you cook this for ???

Mm said...

I usually let it set in the crock pot for a few hours just enough to let it warm up. Everything is already cooked when I throw it in so it works well that way. I guess I forgot to finish this when I started transferring the stuff over. My husband had surgery and I have not been on for a bit.

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