Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flyin' in an airplane.... Craft with the babies

So Jim and I Have decided that reading time is too hectic with the  kids of all ages listening to the same book. We basically have two age groups of kids that could sit through the same book. The babies Matthew 1, James and Sierra 2 are not happy about sitting in a large group listening to a 30 minute book.  Kate,   Megan,  Zane and Alex will sit (mostly) still happily through most any book. Rather than read one book as a whole family we have agreed to each read one to either group and then switch. This way we both get time with all of the children. The same goes for art time however;  last night we only had the babies here, so we both made airplanes with the babies.

making a plane train
They had a blast and  would not hold still for pics. Matthew is especially hard to photograph. we put 5 of each color star to work on counting, a big and small heart, square, rectangle and circle along with there name.

James, Sierra Matthew Varoooom!!!


Haddock said...

This must have been real fun.
Kids are the most challenging, but interesting subjects to photograph.

Mm said...

yes one day we will take them for family pics then it will be lots of fun.

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