Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mini field trip to get pumpkins, Carving them and a broken van...

Since the van was broken Meg Troy and I went to the farm to get pumpkins. We stopped to pet the animals while we were there. Troy hid from the camera.although I can't wait to get the van fixed so we can all ride together I am greatfull that we do have the means of driving two vehicles now to go on field trips. Of course this was not fixed until late saturday night by means of a large shop light outside.

Troys pumpkin was hungry

Alex carved this ALL by himself with the saftey carver

Kate neatly carving and placing the seeds in her box... the other kids made a MESS

Jim my mr fix it changing his water pump so we can have 2 vehicles
Our van is offically broken and no idea how to fix it.. something electrical...grrr thank god for Jim fixing his so we can all go somewhere for halloween now just in 2 vehicles. ..


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