Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recipe (Cream cheese cracker dip)

Being that I have so many kids my Recipes are for a Large amount of people and they are made with the cheapest ingredients that taste good. I will not eat every brand of discounted food as they don't all taste good to us. I do however buy off branded items when the majority of our family members will eat it.. lol

I had a coupon for Club Crackers and we all loved them. I asked Jim to look for a similar product when he went to SAVE A LOT shopping. (My wonderful husband does a lot of the grocery shopping for the family while I stay home with the kids.) He did find that Save a lot does have a comparable cracker that is very good for cheap. You would have to decided for your self. We wanted something to dip our crackers in and threw a Recipe together. We had a bunch of Dried shallots given to us which we had never used before.( Okay honestly we got them from a food truck.  There is a list of places that  have them in Michigan and you take a box or tote and they fill it with some food. I have never been to one myself but Jim has went to a few in the past few months. With the Michigan economy and injuries that prevent him from working they really come in handy.) On to the Recipe. I love the Shallots they taste like a Garlic and onion.

2 pkg Neufchatel or "light" cream cheese
8 ounces of sour creamsprinkle in some Garlic salt, Lawry's Seasoning salt, dried onion flakes, a hand full of dried  shallots or 1 medium diced Shallot, and pepper.

Mix in a food processor and serve with your favorite  crackers or veggies.  Garnish with cut up green onions if you like!!

(I do not recommend Light sour cream Our family survey says "it's Gross")


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