Monday, October 31, 2011

Simple womans Daybook

The Simple Woman's Day book

Outside my window...
It is dark with the exception of the street light. We are blessed to live on the outskirts of town. We get the convenience of  being close to everything and still have a country setting. I can live with night time darkness however and wish it would take them longer to notice when that street light burns out.

I am thinking...
how upsetting it is that I just typed this whole thing and lost it when I pressed save. I have been having trouble with blogger lately and wonder if any one else has this much trouble or if it is my computer.

I am thankful...
that Jim is handy and was able to repair his jeep so that we were able to go to the Trunk or treat at the church with the whole family today.

From the learning rooms...
If I had learning rooms that would be nice on one hand. I am however grateful that the children go to school where they have the chance to get music lessons from a great teacher.

In the kitchen...I have to admit that coming home and cooking at such a late hour there are now dishes that will be calling my name in the morning.

I am wearing...Jimmy's sweater and my comfy pants.

I am creating...This blog. I have realized recently that I need some me time and I have not blogged since Jim came home from Ft Lewis. I am transferring blogs form my old blog to here and setting this one up which is taking some time. Since I used my old blog we have been blessed with another family member.

I am be in trouble in the morning if i don't get tired soon and fall asleep.

I am wondering...if the House will be torn up at Christmas time with the construction.

I am reading..the resolution for women. Jim is Reading the resolution for men. His is on mp3.

I am hoping...that the bathroom is not out of working order for very long when they remodel it as it is hard for us being such a big family to stay with relatives for very long.

I am looking forward to gettting some time this week to work with the babies on counting and reading.
I am of my babies waking up.

Around the house...Everything is quiet..

I am pondering...
I am relaxed and thinking of Reading that book to put me to sleep soon. i have it on mp3 and kindle for my phone.

One of my favorite do is reading books to my children and watching them read it back to me.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
I have to take Matthew in to the doc for his lead test this week. I also have a swollen lymph node near my leg that the Doctor has had me on antibiotics for all week. I need to follow up with. I am not sure that it has gone down although I think it to be a muscle of some sort that I pulled. The construction will begin on our house soon so the contractors will be here to do a walk through on the house before they bid.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Read to me and I'll read to you!


SavedbyGrace said...

Ft. Lewis :) My parents live in Wa. and I grew up there, mostly. Thankful for our military and their families!

Mm said...

I wished I would have had the chance to visit him the year he was stationed there. The doc would not let me travel pregnant and then the babies couldnt travel once they were born. Maybe we will visit there sometime as jim still has military friends living there.

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