Sunday, October 16, 2011

With Deployment came change

Lots of it. When My husband left we were two diffrent people than we were when he returned. Its inevitable that a year of of so much solitude would change both of us. I was busy with the kids here at home and he was always alone there in the Army.  We both grew apart from the lifestyle that we had before he left. We both grew away from friends as our lives and theirs had changed. Before he left we would get together with a group of friends to play volleyball once a week, go play pool with friends, sing karaoke or  go out to eat  breakfast at a local resturaunt once a week with friends. When he left for Iraq May 2009, We had 5 children and I was pregnant for the Twins. and by the time he was back home for good June 2010 it was a short time later that we would welcome our 8th Child into the world. (I had gotten pregnant while he was on Christmas leave) What a change in itself to go from a family with 5 kids who were all in school to add 3 more that were babies. Our old lifestyle did not fit with our new family, and everything was changing. Add in his injuries, Physical thearapy and Dr apointmens weekly, remodeling this old house, me trying to find time to lose this baby fat from 7 pregnancys to the adjustment of  him coming home and we have quite an interesting journey going on. Its not always easy I will admit but no matter what life throws at us God and love has made us through it.


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