Thursday, November 10, 2011

Patience, Tuesdays Election

I am still waiting on those test results for my blood. I am not patient that is for sure. I have recently been wondering how to teach Zane patience as he needs it.Now here I am in these shoes. I am trying to be patient but I do not care for waiting for test results. They did call today and tell me that there is a spot open for ultrasound tomorrow as the doctor had ordered it last week. All this to find out why a gland is swollen.  Maybe I will get more information on my test results while I am there. The way I see it I will now be waiting for two results after the ultrasound.. oh well 

Tuesdays Election 
The reason we were in the paper was talking to the reporter about a detachment from our city. If the vote had passed we would have became part of the township. I voted yes, Taking a gamble on what might happen if the detachment did occur. Most were not gamblers though as It did not pass. I am glad in a way as I do like the city. It is well taken care of and we have alot of free events here through out the year to go to. Well I guess 3 grand in taxes per year is not free, but anyways. There is a lot to love about Newaygo. Especially the Christmas walk. No one in the offices have done me wrong either it would have just been nice to have animals. (Chickens or a pig) I think I will not get in on politics no more. It is too many people knowing the truth and they all contradict each other.


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