Friday, November 18, 2011

Financial Friday link up Electric challenge activity with kids

Saving Money on your Electric Bill

Our Family of all families could use to save some money on our electric bill. Have you ever driven by our house and seen it lit like  we own the electric company.  I am pretty sure the kids think we do sometimes. I was thinking of having my husband take a picture the other night when he was coming home to put on here.  Once in a while I will set my kids down for a family meeting and teach them something new. They actually sit through it and pay attention as if they are interested. They raise there hands, ask questions and give ideas like they really want to know more on the subject. Then they walk away and forget about it. Unless money or incentive is involved.

 Last year I taught them how electric works when it comes to your meter and the bill. Take your kids outside and watch how fast the meter goes  when the electric is all on compared to when you shut  things off.  Look at your usage of  KWh  this month last year. Compare it to this year. How much has it changed? Challenge your kids to shut lights off when they leave the room, unplug things that are not in use and try to get the KWH down from last year. Give them an incentive to lower it. Ice cream party, movie night  or a game party night are all inexpensive ways to give an incentive. In the process you are enforcing them to learn a life long habit of shutting lights off when not in the room.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of actually showing the kids the meter. I think if this approach had been taken with me as a child I would have understood the concept much better, and not just seeing it as something my mom was just harping on. It makes the whole thing much more concrete.

Allison said...

I love your idea! Do you think that unplugging items really works? I know that our air conditioner (florida) is the biggest energy suck. Glad it is winter. Love your site, will keep checking back.

Mm said...

Thanks @ Allison I have read that when you have a item plugged in it is still running electric up to the switch of that item so that when you turn it on it begins working. My ex father in law also told me having things plugs in takes electric rather they are on or not. (he is an electrician) @ folkhaven I may have to do this with my kids again since its Christmas season we can use to save some money

Kelley @ said...

what a great lesson! I will have to do this when my kiddos are older. Thank you for linking up to Financial Friday too!

Kelley @ said...

You were featured! Check it out :)

Friday link up and features!

Mary edwards said...

I think this is an awesome idea. I am amazed at how many times I walk through the house turning off lights and fans in rooms no one is in. Thank you for the idea!

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