Friday, November 4, 2011

GRR it made the news front embarrasing..

Mamas Drama
"Beep Beep Beep" goes the alarm this morning and all I wanted to do was sleep. Kids went to school so Jim and I went back to bed. Ahhh the babies were sleeping in and we were well on our way to dream land.
"RING RING RING" goes the phone. Aghh "hurry get it before the babies wake up". The news reporter called to let us know that she got my message to late and we made the front page. UGGGHHH how embarrassing. What a horrible way to be woken up. Ok so it was not the worst news I have  been woken to but It is bad for ME.  I am horribly embarrassed and I hope not many bought the paper today. She apologized and I did not believe her. She got my message last night I am sure. UGHHH Oh well. If I was not so over weight and it was a good picture I would  not care. But she lied to me and I told her I did not want the picture taken nor posted. So she stayed on the phone until the babies woke up because I was upset with her. I tryed to tell her nicely and let her go but she would not allow that. She kept talking and trying to apologize and make it OK that my horrible fat picture is on the Internet and on the front page of the paper.

"WAH WAH WAH, UP! MOMMY, UP!" babies woke up! OK I really have to let you go the babies got woke up now! 

Oh well its not the end of the world.
I thought I may not put it on my blog as It was embarrassing but oh well the sun will come out tomorrow! SO here is the news article even the picture.
The Construction begins

"KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK"  "What the heck is that? Who is here so early?" The roofers who were supposed to call last week and let us know when they are coming. Well! Here they are and ready to do the roof. Good in a way. I vented to them about the news article as one is on the township we are trying to be part of. Good news for the house repairs but when it comes to my going back to sleep it was no good! The day seemed to turn around though after all. I yelled at Jim only for a few seconds before the knock on the door stopped me from being mad at him. We had to play nice for a few and I decided  it was not totally his fault and not worth a fight. I still love him and I better if he still loves me looking like I do in that pic!

New board going down before the roofing

This chimney to the fireplace will be removed as part of our construction. It is close to the road so will be interesting to get down.

We will also eventually have new siding but this company is doing the  roof only and the over hang right there .

My handsome husband doing guys stuff, picking up the roofing to take it to the dump! Glad he is feeling good today and gets to do something other than help me with  my housework and cooking.

They will be doing this part of the roof next week! So excited to get that done as it looks like it is from the 1800's when the House was originally built although i know it is not!

Cronks delivering the materials. I was glad to see them buying local as we buy from there ALL the time except when we go to Lowes for things they don't have at cronks.
I am thankful for my family. Though not all of what I consider family are blood family You will always be family to me!


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