Thursday, November 3, 2011

??How much to share on my blog?? news reporters here today !!

I figure if I am going to blog I Midas well not leave out all the juicy details that make Life Raising 8 so interesting. So Today I was sick again. I have been sick off and on for a few weeks now. Starting with the day I decided to go get that swollen lymph node checked out. It is not all that but this cold that is going around here as well. 

I was sick and  Jim was letting me sleep until noon! Yes it was noon.  Jim wakes me and says "there are reporters here to talk about the 2 signs we have in the yard." One says vote no and one says vote yes as we were torn on who was telling the truth concerning an election.  The election is not the point I'm getting at so more on that later. I noticed he was taking forever and stuck my head out the slider to see what was happening. I was wearing sweats feeling and looking horrible and here is a reporter snapping a pic. I stick my hand out and say "what the heck your not taking pics of my House are you? We are remodeling and it looks like crap. I'm not in the picture am I?"  She said that if she used the pic she would crop it out not show the whole body and there was no mess from the construction in it. I said i didn't want her too. The reporter asked our address and I said "I don't want our address in the paper for everyone to see."  They then said well do you care if we get a picture of your two sign in the front  then we will be out of your hair and leave. I said OK and that was that. I hope that does not make the paper!!!


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