Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Matching game for 1 to 3 years old craft

This is Sierra (2) Playing the matching game. She loves things like this.  She loves to watch this video over and over though I am not video person and this is horrible she is still cute! 

  1. Right click and save pictures from online that are not copyrighted and are free to use. This is a water theme. You can use shapes, numbers or anything.
  2. Insert them into a word document and print them.  (I put 4 on a page)
  3. Print 2 copies of each one.
  4. If you have a laminator then laminate them  before cutting. (I got one for my birthday from my husband. I know I am such a nerd.)
  5. Cut out one set out and keep the other one complete.
  6. Your toddler can use them to match to the page that is not cut out. 


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