Thursday, November 24, 2011

My thanksgiving meal:: what a cheater.. we had a busy week what can i say

ATTENTION FRIENDS! I am trying for the Michigan homemaker of the year award. Sara lee frozen pies check, ham cause I forgot to buy turkey and its all frozen at the store check, Stove top chicken flavored check, brown and serve rolls check, canned yams check and oh don't forget the made from cans green bean casserole check... VOTE FOR ME!! lol
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So back to that homemaker of the year Award.. somebody put the ham in the freezer last night instead of the fridge so our ham that went with that canned meal was still cold inside by the time we had to eat dinner but it turned out well we ate the out side that was done and threw the rest back in ha ha .. NOW FOR THE CLEAN UP. Should have ate on paper ha ha
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Almost done with dinner

ahh all cleaned up and ready to relax and its only 2

My little J.2 (James II)
Oh and I did not have to use the smoke alarm as a timer this time so that was a plus... 


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