Monday, October 31, 2011

Grilled Chicken salad Recipe, and the kids costumes

Knight in Shining Armour Costume
Halloween 2011

Halloween Costumes
Halloween 2011

Mondays is our day to make a schedule, menu and all that good stuff however It did  not happen. I slept in until 11 after getting up with children this morning and going back to bed. My schedule will pay for it all week I am sure. the kids went to Trunk or treat again with Papa. I was stuck on rather they should go trick or treating at all or not. See There has to be a line somewhere between what is a privilege and a right. We have had many discussions on this subject in our house. No one wanted to do chores and there was a lot of yelling going on between the kids. My guilt of not taking a holiday away from them was all that saved Halloween for them really.

Kate has continued to forget her clarinet and we have an ongoing battle with her math homework getting completed. Megan has been a little mean lately and is late with her power point on the digestive system. Zane has been whiney when told no. Alex has been pretty good however it is his biological fathers holiday. They got to go with Grandpa only with the agreement that work would be caught up when they got home and that attitudes would change along with the conditions of their rooms. Jim and I finally had this cold catch up with us that has been coming on for days and are both sick. I think it has to do with trunk or treating in the cold last night.

 Being that we had no menu it was a spur of the moment food night. Here is what I threw together for Mondays Recipe of the week

1.I Thawed out bonless skinless chicken and had jim cut it into strips

2. I had James II help me shake seasoning on to it. I wanted to be fast so I just used Weber Canadian Steak Seasoning. This was bought in a large container at Sams Club

James shook the pan with season and it looked like this. Papa has acid refluz so his did not get seasoned!

3. Heated a few Tlbsps of cooking oil on my electric skillet and cooked it throughly about 5 minutes on each side.

Grilled Chicken Salad
4. Added it to Lettuce, Tomato and cheese with a few dribbles of Ranch.
 You could put whatever veggies you wanted onto it however I used what I had left over.  This picture does it no justice. I think it would have tasted better with croutons. Oh! Did I mention I served it on paper plates.


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