Monday, November 28, 2011

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Outside my window... It is cold and uninviting.  The snow falls and covers the earth lately and the sun comes to melt it. Soon it will be here to stay.

I am thinking... I wish that this little man who is so cute next to me would get his motorcycle to fall asleep so he could. A few minutes ago it crashed and mommy had to kiss its wheel to make it better. 

I am thankful... for all that god has given me.

From the learning rooms… this reminds me that The babies teacher will be here wed at 2 as I will be out of town with Jim when she is normally here. Alex has also started bringing home reading again along with word cards to practice and Zane Has math and spelling to practice. Kate is continuing to have problems keeping her math work up. Today I got my password for the skyward website to check the kid’s grades and found she has a few missing sewing projects as well. Megan was behind but they are all almost caught up.

In the kitchen... I straightened up tonight as we are leaving tomorrow so I will not have to come home to a mess tomorrow afternoon.

I am wearing...Pajamas and my husband’s army socks.

I am creating.. Alex and I created a project for his school tonight. We had extra cut outs that we made for our Christmas cards that we glued to it. I wonder if he will get in trouble for the fact that it has baby Jesus on his school project. Some people like to complain about that.

I am ride with Jim as he has a class tomorrow where they will teach him how to use his machine for sleep apnea.

I am wondering... how well that will work taking 3 babies with us on a 2 hour drive. I am thinking morning and afternoon nap will are about driving time so it should be ok.

I am reading... the same book I have been reading to Megan.  (Cliques, hicks and ugly sticks; confessions of April Grace) I need to get it in gear as I need to get the Review done on it so I can start on my next Review.

I am hoping...with out hope we have nothing.

I am looking forward to going out to lunch with the babies and Jim tomorrow somewhere on the way home.

I am hearing...My little monster talking about his pillow and how his motorcycle has “covies” and is ready to go to sleep but it needs a bite of mamas’ chips and cheese first.

Around the house...It is all quiet except this one little man who does not want to sleep.

I am pondering...what color of siding to get on the house as we will get to decide for sure in December. I am sure that everyone will have comments on what it looks like after we put it in however I am rather needing advice before we choose a wrong color. lol

One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my babies (BIG and LITTLE ones) all around me while we look up videos that make us laugh on Youtube!

A few plans for the rest of the week.. Today Matthew and I got blood work done. We did lots of homework with Megan and Katelyn. Zane and Alex got their school projects done. Tomorrow we go out of town to Jims VA appointment. Wednesday is the kids Payday for the family store, the teacher will come for the babies and we have an inspector and 2 contractors coming to discuss more options with our bathroom and basement. Thursday is who knows and Friday is nothing as far as I know. 

here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Alex's school project


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