Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some pictures from the past weekend and today

Really James There is no one there.. Its all in your head.


James was fighting invisible men. See the people in the back ground?  Every once in a while they would pass us as they were walking to test his oxygen and James would attack them.

The kids were so Bored waiting for Jim. I said let me take your picture  Rosie.  This was her response. 

Stopped by this huge Cemetery today

bored on the way home yep...what do you see in the clouds? yep just clouds to me too!!
Christmas cards that the family made this weekend

Alex school project

Oh joy James stuck paper in the lamination machine while I was using it and it jammed (had to be torn apart thanks Jim my Mr fix it  

Megs art work and My little treasure chest. she was watching a video to learn to draw. he stopped before the arms were done on the  video lol

Acorn squash a great tradition of fall around here

my 25 cent good will find this spoon has a knife on it which works well for scooping seeds among other things. This Pan was Brand new with the tags still on it from the 70's lol it was a dime at a sale..

Meg Drawing

Computer system with a James Rogers Name on it... 

This Veterans Cemetery we went to today was so big they had this place to find the 
grave site

Does Kate and Meg count as teenagers?

bored taking pics on the way home

train station ?

I did not notice it to be a train station until I got home and seen that caboose in the other pic lol

Bored taking pics on my way home


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