Tuesday, November 15, 2011

upcoming giveaways on my blog and what should I blog + pregnancy test too! g about?

Topics I am thinking of blogging about: I am not sure which way to go with my blog. I have been through so many life experiences that I could blog on. Some I can't  blog about as this is a family friendly site. (ha ha) I have not always been this much of an angel lol!    I would say that I could blog about god and how he should rule your life, How he didn't rule mine so many times, food allergies, peanut allergies, fish allergies how even though he was my conscious I didn't make him enough of one, Homemaking, parenting, mother in laws, Recipes, My gardening when the summer comes, remodeling the house, rebuilding my greenhouse, What not to do as a single parent, how to harvest a tree or seeds  from a Japanese magnolia and grow it, how to get free wild flowers, how to make your life what You want it not sit and and wonder what its going to be next,  dating while you have children, children with ADHD, Step parenting, Our family store, How we discipline, special education, the military, VA appointments, coupons, saving money, places to donate time, wounded warrior, what its like to be a wounded warriors wife, Even when he does not look that wounded, What its like to reintegrate after being away from someone for a year, Solitude of deployment for the wife and the husband, What it is like to cut your salary in half in a year due to injury, Crafts, Food banks in Michigan,  what is it like to be a soldier standing in line for food after serving your country and giving up your lively hood, what its like to go from a soldier to a wounded warrior, the rates of homeless veterans,  things to teach your children, our search for a church family, how to file a court document for custody, act as your own lawyer in a divorce, how to keep yourself open for love when it comes instead of closing out your heart, suicide, my opinions on abortion, ideas for themed birthday party's,  admit you were wrong when your kids seen you do something that is less than  christian, How to show a good example admit your faults and move on to be a better parent when you make mistakes, chores, organizing, I can give you ideas however (I can not make the kids do it you have to) places to get parenting classes in our area, Day of dance, Free things to take kids to in our area and others,  immunizations, Sewing, making a ton of meals in advance and time savers. I guess I could go on!  I am not sure  how many actually read this once they click on it. I am sure that I will blog on those topics though.  They are what comes to mind when I think of blogging. So far I been trying to learn the basics like making buttons and things which I am not sure I did right but its working. I would love to see some comments on here to say how I am doing, however if nothing else I have my very own website that I can talk to myself on and keep track of our files. Who knows maybe some of the topics I want to talk about will be helpful for me to keep in my head to.

Pregnancy Test Ha Ha 
Hey by the way my blood  tests results came back in the mail good on Saturday. That was nice however I am running a fever and seem to have the flu now. even though I had my shot. cant wait to get back the ultrasound of this lymph node now I guess. My son was over and sick last night so he may be the culprit. so many people said "you been sick a long time Missy, your not pregnant are you? So here it is! NO  it cost me 6 bucks to prove it! Thank Jim for picking it up for me.
+upcoming giveaways and book reviews+
As I am a new blogger you may not have seen that I do reviews of christian books in return for a free book for myself.  Coming up within the next month I will be doing a review of this book One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge and giving one away.  I have a chance to get a teddy bear that tells a story about Christmas in December as well.  (hoping to get that giveaway I got the email on it but I am  not sure if they are sending it or not as I have not heard back.) Currently I am reading a christian book  that is based in the 80's  with 5Th graders. cliques, hicks and ugly sticks confessions of April grace.  I am loving it. It is at the age for  my daughter Megan who is 10 so I am reading it to her and will be reviewing it here. Sorry  I wont have a giveaway on that one.  


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