Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weight and Body Image

Recently I have ran across quite a few blogs on weight loss. I suddenly realized from one to the next that most times weight loss is about your own self esteem. One lady weighed 300 pounds and wanted to be 200. Another lady weighed 200 and wanted to be 175. It goes on and on.  When the lady got to 200 she bought a new outfit and took a picture of how good she looked. The 200 pound woman commented to congratulate her and tell her how good she looked. She  failed to realize that she looked fine too and that woman was the same weight as her. Here is my advice (unless you have a health problem that requires you to lose weight or your weight is getting in the way of your lifestyle) , buy an new outfit, do your hair and make up,  smile and take a picture. You look beautiful just the way you are!

OK so I know someone is reading this saying yeah right whatever. But really if someone else looks good at your size then why don't you? It may just be in your head. Hmmm I could use the excuse to lose weight of ... I don't want to spend all the money on new clothes when I have all them skinny jeans in my closet. (when I say skinny jeans I am  using it in the olden days version on the definition also not the nowadays skinny jeans with pant legs so small you cant fit your ankles in them)  The truth is I am not happy with my weight, my image, my size and it is all in my.  head. I have it set that I want to look a certain way and fit in a certain size and nothing but losing weight is going to change that.  A new outfit is nice for now but ultimately I want to wear the ones that are calling me from my closet crying "Have you forgotten  us? Here we are and were really cute why don't you wear us any more?"  The only way to shut them voices up is to get off my butt and lose some weight. Until then I guess I will try the new outfit thing I guess!


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