Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What do you think of Baby Preschool. Matthew started at birth.

The babies teacher comes Every Tuesday at 2. I like to keep our schedule pretty consistent. This means I can tell you what I am doing  most of the time because its the same as last week at this time. I know pretty boring right? I looked at the kids Preschool teachers years ago and wondered how they keep the kids in order. 22 kids to a teacher. It was because everyone knows what they are doing and when and what to expect. Kids like It consistent. I go off schedule a lot don't get me wrong but it seems to ruin the whole day when I do. 
Sierra Playing with a boy Doll 

Mrs Judy James and Sierra

James using his key to unlock mom and dads bedroom door!

Ready to go vote

Come on mom Lets go vote yes and see if we can have  ducks!
The babies go to school to socialize 2 times per month. The teacher comes to play with us 1 time a week. We get a new lesson plan based on their development. This week is learning boy or girl for James and it is building a  7 block tall tower and 4 block train for Sierra. Matthew did not get a lesson plan for the week as he had a review of his age and stage. This is their 2nd  year already. 1st for James. Next year the Twins, James and Sierra can go to preschool ! I am not sure I am ready for that. We are starting transitioning them in January and will even visit the preschool with them. 

 It is all with parents present at this age and a lot of playtime between the child and parent. At age 3 they can start preschool all day 4 days a week though and I am not ready for that yet. Over the summer they will turn 3 and start preschool next year. 

What do you think of baby preschool?


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