Saturday, December 3, 2011

25 Days of Christmas Day 3


VASE:  .99 @ GW
I seen them cheaper at Love Inc and they were .99 for this same vase at many GW that I have went to across the state ( I have  Jim stop at a few when we take road trips to his VA appointments)
 Curling ribbon: 50 cents at Love Inc
Gold Christmas ribbon: .99 at GW
(The ribbon will make many different projects)
Of course Jim paid more for the Christmas flowers however I have noticed that Wal-Mart has very inexpensive real flowers and you can also just put fake ones which can be found at used stores as well.
I added red food coloring to the water and thought about putting glitter but cannot find the red that I have. Maybe will be more organized when we are done with construction but I doubt it. LOL
 Maybe you can make a prettier bow than I have here.

Join me for the rest of this series throughout the month of December. I have some great Christmas treats planned as well as some more GW gifts using a box of stuff I bought today at GW and some stuff from my cupboards.

I shared this with the 25 days of Christmas linkup here


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