Sunday, December 4, 2011

25 days of Christmas Day 4

Mushroom Soup can with a Christmas Makeover
First thing with this project is that you need one of those can openers that opens it  pinches the end so it’s not sharp.

You will also need:
Paint to paint the can with. Shown here is Green spray paint.
Use the hammer to nail a hole in the top of the right and left sides where you can fasten the handle.
The handle can be made out of any type of wire you might have or as seen here a piece of the basket material that you use to make baskets with.
For the decoration on the can is a piece of Christmas material cut up and glued on.
It also has a rim of colored glue around the material for a frame, a little miniature Christmas decoration hangs off the side under the ribbon and tinsel is wrapped around the handle.
Candy canes as you can see fit perfectly in this.
I do not know the cost of this as it can be made with things already in my craft collection. (My craft materials are mostly bought by digging in the craft section Goodwill and Love Inc.) If you cannot find good used Christmas material try looking on the Christmas clothing rack. I usually can find many Christmas type clothing that are cheap and you could cut them to use the material for projects.

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Anonymous said...

what a wonderful use for a simple can! This is something the kids can help make! Love it! Thanks so much for joining up with our 25 Days of Christmas! Definitely gonna add you to those I follow! BTW...your hubby sounds like a wonderful man, it isn't easy raising one's own children but to take in and raise step children, keeping it all even is a miracle! You are a lucky woman!

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