Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can a christian hang out with an atheist mom???

???Stumping Question from my daughter???
“Mom, would it be ok for a Christian to hang out with an atheist?”  That was the question I got from Kate on Wednesday.  One of her friends does not believe in god! My answer:  “It’s not really our business if they are atheist that is up to them”, “It does not work for a Christian to marry an atheist”, “and I don’t know if it’s ok”Stutter“I don’t know how to answer this one Kate”.

It made me think of the sign that was put up on the express way in Grand Rapids in August supporting atheists. Some of the supporters of the sign were on the news and I loved there foot in the mouth speech. One woman who said she supported it was upset by the fact that Christians don’t think that Atheists can have strong family values. She added “They don’t have to say mean things like we are going to hell because we don’t believe”. My question to her would be “If you do not believe in heaven and hell then why does it bother you so much that Christians say you are going to hell”? If there was not a twinge of belief then you would not find that statement to be a mean statement! I do believe that a person can have good morals and be a good person over all and still be atheist. It is also my opinion however that most non believers’ don’t have good moral values.if you find this offensive I am sorry but I say what I think.  

Kate came back from Church stating that she asked her leader who said it is ok to hang out with Atheist!  I told Kate that was just an opinion of the teacher and it was really up to her. Every believer in god has begun at some point in their life. Either because they were taught from birth or something happened that made them believe. I think it is a matter of personal preference rather you hang out with non believers or not. If they are over all bad people, than I don’t want her to hang out with them.  If they are good people then hang out with them. I don’t want her to hang out with every person who calls themselves Christians either. It is the same with the Races. Not all of one race is bad or good. Over all the best advice to Kate is if you find someone getting in the way of what you believe then its time to move on. 

The problem!
The truth is it is very hard to raise a Christian child in public school with other children that are not. Not too long ago I found an iron on patch that said “smile god loves you”. Jim said “they won’t wear that to school it will be to embarrassing” I asked the girls if one of them would want it on their Jean jacket I bought them or if they would be too embarrassed. Megan said “No! It’s too embarrassing mom, unless it was something I only wear to church” I find that strange as one of Megan’s close friends at school is the daughter of a missionary family. Kate was the one who I thought would be embarrassed by it. She said “Yeah I’ll wear it mom.”  She went on to say “Today at school they asked what  3 things we value the most were and had us share with the class.   I said God Mom& (parents) and Family”. I was VERY proud of her for not saying MP3 player or some material possession. 

A bigger problem
Where a bigger  problem lies is when children hang out with children of parents with different beliefs than you. They may be at different stages than your child. This can influence your child in ways that cause trouble. Some children my daughter’s ages dress in ways that I don’t allow my daughters to, Wear makeup, Date, and watch movies that I don’t want my daughters watching. I want my daughters to be modest. I don’t want them to base their self worth on what a man thinks of there bosom.  My husband says even if we do not agree with how someone raises there child we should not shelter them just don't let our children act like them. He also  says we should allow them to hang out with family members no matter what. I say that if I don’t want my child to be like a certain type of person than I am not going to encourage  them hanging out. Children are too influenced by peer pressure. If we display the behavior we want to see in our children they will model it. Does it work the same for the friends they keep? I think it does. Somehow we have to teach our children to hold strong to there beliefs and values and stand up for what is right no matter what others think. 


Gabe said...

Have you read "Family Driven Faith" by Voddie Baucham? You've got some good questions/thoughts and this book could help you and your husband work through them and help your kids grow in their faith as well.

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