Thursday, December 1, 2011

Homemade pumpkin SO EASY

My face book status at noon today read:       GRRR I have to get stuff done today and have no energy or will power to do anything. 1 hour and the babies teacher will be here, then the contractors and then the kids and dinner.. lol... Get up and move body!!! It’s a busy day and evening around here!

My schedule was:
7:00 the kids get up to be on the bus by 7:45 (Jim let me sleep in today)
Morning Clean house
1 or 130 the teacher would be here.
2:30 or 3 she would leave
3:00 Inspector and Contractors to come measure and look at the bathroom again!
4:20 kids home from school
4:30 Eat dinner
5:30 Clean up and chores-
6:00 Homework (normally playtime is from 6-8)
7:00 – 8:00 Church (Jim and I no longer go to church on Wed but the kids do)
8:00 bath times start
8:30 Reading time
9:00 Lights out

So in spite of that status I soon got around to moving my body and made Lasagna

 so that it could go in the oven at 3:20 (I had it all prepared and ready to go in the oven) The teacher came, We put Pumpkins in that we did not want to go bad, Inspectors followed, (bathroom is going to cost thousands GRRR more on that later. Jim popped the Lasagna in the oven while the inspectors were here, Kids got home, Dinner was Yummy, Homework done and the night went on. I even had time to drop up to Goodwill from 6:30 to 7:00 with Dad. Now it is 12:40 UGHHH BEDTIME LOL Here are some pics of our pumpkin that we made.

Find a big strong guy to handle the knife and cut the pumpkins in half

Scoop out the seeds clean and rinse them for roasted pumpkin seeds

The pumpkin seeds before we roasted them lol..

Blend up the pumpkin in the mixer after you bake it and scoop it out

My wonderful husband doing all the work while I  take pictures! Love ya honey!

This is a handy kitchen gadget as you can measure and push it out with it. It also does ounces.

Cut the pumpkin in half flip it upside down on a baking dish with a little water to keep it moist and bake it. When it is done scoop it all out, blend it  and bag it to go in the freezer for pies, cakes etc. This made 8 cups apx from 3- .99Cent pumpkins Most of the recipes call for  15 ounces.  Some call for 1 cup. WE made various size packages to freeze based on some recipes we found and wanted to try. The rest of my pics are still loading so I will add them tomorrow its 1 am almost good night Blogger world!!
(update: I am adding this to the financial Friday link up as I wanted to show how easy it is to cook your own pumpkins that you can freeze and use in recipes. 3 sort of small pumpkins made enough for 8 pumpkin recipes. And it saves money compared to buying the cans)


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