Friday, December 9, 2011

Running behind... on Everything this week

It is so funny how they sleep together in sync...
They moved to this position a while later

I was doing the 25 Days of Christmas and I suppose I will be posting quite a few at once to catch up as I had so much paper work to do this week that I was on overload. I felt like I was the only one doing  anything around here besides changing diapers even though Jim paid all the bills this month. What a great help that was on Monday.  It is now Thursday though... Today I was up early doing paperwork and house work and then I was so  tired of it I took 2 naps.  No matter what time I get up I always start right in on coffee while working on paper work or cleaning so I don't feel bad at all when he lets me sleep in. I stay up until 2 or 3 am sometimes working on stuff right up until late.  He does a lot of the laundry and recently was doing a lot of the Dishes.  I let him sleep in  today after we got kids to school.  He does not do this very often. When the girls left to go to their dads at 6 pm I said I am heading to the shower and off to my room. I needed a break. He said If i did not come out he was calling his mom to watch the babies so he and Zane could go to the store.  LOL ha ha. an even better break... So he  called his mom to watch the babies while I hid out in my room and decorated my blog. I am learning so much about making blog templates and editing them.  I am sure I will hear about making his mom come over so I could be lazy for years, HA HA  but Sometimes life is not perfect.  I have been reading a lot about wounded warriors and their lives after coming home. It seems like we have a few things in common with them couples. If you are one then You will understand some of the trials, feelings etc. Even though Jim did not get "blown up" its not always easy for a man who can't work when you have the mindset of wanting to provide for your family.  Things are not the same and never will be.  I am praying to get him interested in Volunteering at Love Inc. as he is a helper and I think It would do him good. Anyways... this is like a Monday all week long. I am sorry if you were reading my 25 days of Christmas and I stopped them for a few days. I have been working on Insurance and a VA claim, the secretarial part of my job. along with some court papers the lawyer part of my job as a mom who did not follow gods plan for families.  I did take time to do things with the kids and did some Christmas Crafts but have just not gotten around to posting  them. I did not even post a menu plan this week though I have it mostly typed lol.. I am going to post it the way it is a hope next week is better.  I been talking wireless communication (prayer) with the big guy (GOD) lately putting in a good word for my husband so It should look up soon. 


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