Sunday, December 4, 2011

We are not the Duggars!!!!

We are not the Duggars

Lately I have been reading a little bit about the Duggars.  I wondered how they do it with so many kids. Right away I can see our house is nothing like their house is. Or maybe it is just that they are not telling all. My house is not perfect.
As I type I have this playlist from my YouTube 

playing and I have head phones on so I do not have to hear my husband who is sitting across the table. The 30 bucks I spent on this awesome set of head phones for the kid’s computer came in VERY valuable to me throughout the past year. I have taken them over.  He sent me a text and I shut my phone off.  I love technology. It all has an awesome OFF button.
Anyways back to the Duggars. How do they discipline the children? Time out?  Do they believe “Spare the rod spoil the child”? Then again some interpret that to mean you are to spare the rod and spoil the child rather than spank. Others think it means to not spare the rod so you don’t spoil the child. Everything is in how you interpret it.  Rarely do we spank but I do on occasion give my kids a swat on their butt. Jim can only legally spank his own biological children.  That is another thing about step –parenting. I will blog about that later it is another story for another day. The children find themselves in corners or on steps sitting in time out for punishment around here. They also get fined 25 cents and a dollar. We have a family store and that is another post all together.

My husband is dancing across the table trying to get my attention as I type and… forgets I need a break from him right now.  lol He is trying to make me laugh and I amnot budging.
Darn it! I can no help but smile at him though. 
Dinner time

I know that with 1 and 2 year olds at dinner time there is always someone crying.  James who has been able to pray at dinner for some time now decided he don’t want to any more. He wants to skip right to eating. When we pray he screams sometimes “NO I DON”T WANT TO PRAY”. We also have a confused kid saying it’s my day to pray.  (we have a list of who prays on what day for that) We have a sit at the table and be good or leave and eat alone after dinner rule. I am not always sure what to do about this rule concerning babies. They are sometimes cranky and it may take a few to settle them down.  Usually Food during prayer for Matthew and he is happy.  Everyone is not happy you cannot please everyone.  That is life in a big family and any family.  Wonder how they handle this with 19 kids.

From what I have seen of the Duggars they have buddies that help the younger kids. My kids do help get the little ones dressed and things a lot but I don’t think as much as in that family. They are too strong willed to help that much in raising my little ones. I understand that is how they do it but I know coming from a family this big, I do not think they have enough time in their day to possibly give the children all the attention they need.  No matter how you look at it there are only 24 hours in a day. I do think that they teach their children great moral values.

Head phones have to come off my baby want me. That was a nice break. Too Jim,   ignoring him and losing myself in music and writing is a baby fit. To me it is much needed escape when living with someone 24/7

I think their children are home schooled which may give the mom a little more time to spend with them then I have. Mine are at school from 7:45 to 3:30 now (the bus schedule just changed again giving us an extra hour) during the day for us around here is cleaning, Preparing for dinner and appointments.  (“Appointments” we have are Contractors for the house, Inspectors for the house, electricians, roofers, doctors, teachers, Play dates with the babies, Va appointments.) Other things we have are going to kids schools, grocery shopping, menu planning, coupon clipping, phone calls, Laundry, dishes, and the list could go on.
The Laundry Monster
I seen a post of Michelle Duggars where she said, (Not in these particular words)  she praised god for what she had when she was having a bad day and was overwhelmed with laundry and someone came to help her. That person still does it 2 times a week. I guess with that extra help it may be more possible to have enough time in her day to spend with all the kids. One thing I noticed that helps with laundry is this; I will not wash clothes that were already clean. Kids love to throw clothes they try on all over their floor and when cleaning their room bring the clothes to the laundry room. I refuse to wash them. I still need help with laundry. I need a Grandma to come help me!  Today btw is Laundry day!

Jim and I have not been going to church. We have looked for a church and tried quite a few out but have not found one yet that we like enough to call our own.  It seems like we always are not prepared for church on Sunday and have sick kids or things to do. We also have a broken down van and would have to take 2 vehicles. That is not a problem but an excuse I suppose. The truth is we should put god first and we have not.  I will post more about our search for a church we agree on later. It is very interesting!   The kids go to Victory on Wed. I like the youth pastors there. I think they have values that I would not mind seeing in my children.  The Duggars always put god first. That is something for them to be proud of.

It is nice to see the Duggars  are nothing like Octomom! Just because I have 8 kids I do not want to be called Octomom after reading about her. We are definitely striving to be more like the Duggars than Octomom!  (Not to be confused with a very respectable OCTAMOM  another blog I read)

I could type all day but it is time to cook dinner again. Did not follow the menu plan this week completely so today we are having the chicken but I am going to try some cheese sauce made with leftover Pepperjack cheese I have ..Wish me luck!  I may or may have not  spell checked this enough but it is time to go cook so ill post it and check it better later. I am also interested to learn more about this huge family of the Duggars. When I get a chance to read but laundry is beeping and kids will be hungry soon.


Gabe said...

The Duggars are a wonderful example and though I'm sure they are not getting everything right I've been so blessed by what they have shared. Putting God first is what makes them work, without Him they would be nothing, and they know that.

I hope you will be able to find a good church, it is such a blessing to have a church home. We are a military and our friends at church become our family at each assignment!

Blessings to you!

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