Friday, January 20, 2012


Age Appropriate Chores
The Twins James and Sierra (2years and 7 months)
Sierra helping her sisters dry dishes.
James the super fast table washer
Sierra helping dry the cups with her sisters. 

James washing the table

I would highly recommend a stool for your child to use in assisting you with chores. Keep in mind that babies will need you to assist them in most chores and they can be your helper. The stools we have were in the house when we moved in and work great. They are made out of old wood.  Sierra is standing in a chair that has arms all around it. We also never allow the babies to touch the sharp or breakable objects that they could get hurt on.
      • Help make beds
      • Pick up toys
      • Help set table (plastic non breakable)
      • Throw trash away
      • Help clean up messes with a towel
      • Wipe furniture or walls with a rag or use socks on his hands to help dust. (not using harsh chemicals)
      • Water garden with you
      • Help pick up toys in the yard
      • Use manners most of the time. (please, Thank you, you’re welcome)
      • Help put clothes in drawers such as socks and underwear.
      • Help put the items in the bathroom back in the proper place with direction
      • Learn to fold simple items such as towels and help put them away.
      • Help sort laundry
      • Help carry, drag, or push  laundry baskets to the laundry area with help.
      • Clear their spot at dinner scraping food into the trash with help and bringing their dish to the sink to be rinsed.
      • Wipe down chairs after dinner with a rag
      • Help feed pets
      • Learn to get a drink
      • Help mop (I found sweeping tends to make a mess as it flies across the room and does not end up in an organized pile.)
      • Help sweep with a hand broom and help hold the dust pan.
      • Get potty seat out to use the toilet and put it away when done. We have theirs hanging on the wall.
      • Learn to wash own hands, brush teeth and floss with a children’s flosser.
      • Start to learn the routine for the week. (James knows that when it is Tuesday Mrs. Judy is coming)
      • Help bring in groceries from the car and put them away
      • Help mark chores on the chart and be a family store employee to earn money and start learning about saving.
      • Help shovel snow
      • Help prepare food by helping pour ingredients in and  helping stir. This is also teaching them math skills.
      • Pray at dinner (James can lead a whole dinner prayer now but here is what he said the other day “Dear lord thank you for this dinner and thank you for this body! Amen YAY) He meant to say thank you for this dinner Please bless it to our body and thank you for this day.
      • Help push the buttons to start washer or dishwasher. we don't have dishwasher yet. 


Kelley said...

great list!

Missy said...

Thanks I was working on these and trying to figure out what I am going to link up to the FFlinkup. I noticed many of the girls are linking up crafts.

Krysti Marie Sumpter said...

I really love you blog and am a new fan.
Can You please follow me back? (:

Imelda said...

I was reading this and said to myself 'how true'. :-) I have been meaning to make a post about 2-3 year olds after observing 3 of my 4 boys. Maybe, when I get to do it, I will link up to your post. :-)

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and joining my site. I appreciate that a lot. And I am always glad to meet mothers who are happily raising a LOT of children. I wonder how you do it - I am driven nuts with just 4. :-)

Have a blessed snowy day. :-)


Rural Mama's Sandbox said...

I love this post! I have a 2 1/2 year old and I love having ideas of how to get her active and helping out! She already loves to clean the tables, but this gives me so many ideas for age appropriate chores! I'm following you from the Hop Along Friday Blog Hop, please check out my blog Rural Mama's Sandbox

Kelsey aka RuralMama

Missy said...

Thanks that would be great!

Missy said...

I found your blog and followed back. Nice blog! I am working on learning everything here.

Kelley said...

Yea.. I follow alot of craft blogs. But you can link up anything you want Missy. I enjoy reading your posts!

Missy said...

Thanks I noticed it was pretty open for posting anything. I love looking through them too.

Missy said...
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Missy said...
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Missy said...
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