Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Animal themed Socialization at baby school. Craft

At Christmas time we made Christmas tree shaped finger paint projects.  I had taken an idea I got from Pinterest and made it into a Christmas project instead. They turned out nicely. I shared the idea with the babies teacher so that we could use it for the animal version, with an animal theme.  She  served animal crackers and yogurt for the snack along with juice as well. There are so many things that your child can learn from this project. Get creative with it and make any shape you like to base your  lesson on.
      • This will teach the children fine motor skills (painting) 
      • Color recognition 
      • Following directions
      • Animal facts
      • Patience
      • Great for a Noahs ark theme in Sunday school if you have helpers for the painting. :)
Mama and Matthew
The finished project with an animal frame around it. We had crocodiles, elephants and Giraffes.  

James (2) and his old  Mama
White piece of paper that you let them paint on 


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