Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Menu Monday (always seems to post on Tuesdays)

Menu plan Monday
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If you want to look further into my writing for tips and recipes and ramblings you can otherwise I have highlighted the main course.



Breakfast:  Pop Tarts for the babies and Jim and I did not eat.
Lunch:  We ate on the road as we had to go to Grand Rapids. I planned for Jim to drive me in case the roads were bad so we went to Sams Club while down there to get paper plates, coffee, filters, paper towels, school snacks and spices.

Dinner: Ahh what a night Monday was… Grandpa comes here and eats every night so I asked him if he could cook one meal a week to help out with the cooking. I think I will make it Mondays for him from now on because it was nice. He made Macaroni and shells with beef and Nana (My mil) warmed up the stew from Sunday.


Breakfast:   Pop Tarts

Lunch: Jim is going out to eat with his dad and taking him some things we picked him up at Sams. It is nice to see him finally doing something with his Dad.    The babies and I will have canned soup.
Dinner: Goulash we have not had it in a while and it is easy.

Lunch:  Grilled cheese made with loaf of low fat cheese fruit cup and milk

Dinner:  Baked hamburgers: I like to take my burgers and bake them as it cooks them thoroughly and you can put a rack in your pan for the grease to drip down on. You can add the 5 season’s right to the patties also.  While the oven is on It would be a good time to cook some potato wedges to go with it.

Breakfast: oatmeal with peaches and toast

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: Lasagna Chosen by my husband and Megan loves it

Breakfast: Eggs and toast

Lunch:  Something
Dinner:   Meat loaf Chosen by my husband as well Last time I made it with salsa and they all loved it and wanted it again. I will admit that meatloaf is a throw it together with what you have handy around here usually and it never tastes the same again. Sometimes I do not care for it at all.

Not doing to well with planning meals this week. I am tired of the same old thing…

Happy Birthday to Megan She is planning a football birthday party being it is the Super bowl. I am not sure what she wants to cook.

This is linked to a menu plan Monday link up here as well.


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