Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Christmas Bunny Dinner and A movie

Dinner and a Movie 
(Maybe a Field Trip is in order Too)

I realize the name of the movie makes it seem  to be a Christmas movie. Although it is Christmas time in the movie I would not say this is strictly a Christmas movie. This movie is based in Michigan which was something my family loved about it.

The bunny From this movie was from a local farm in Michigan called The Critter Barn  Check out there Web site for hours and Times to visit. Although they are closed for the season now you can stop by for a visit to see the animals. You only have to pay a  donation by using this option. If you would like to visit in there regular season then the rates and dates are on the web page. I seen they even offer a live nativity at Christmas time which our family missed as we just watched this movie last week.

Because I wanted to share this movie as we loved it so much I wondered what to share for a dinner to go with it.  I would not Recommend  Rabbit stew for dinner although that is something  that is popular among small game hunters in Michigan. :( :(    I looked up to see what foods are Michigan  foods and  all I came up with were Made rite potato chips, Mackinaw island fudge, Corn bread and Vernors Gingerale. Well my kids love Vernors so I am going with a Vernors Recipe. You could also go with Michigan Veggies that were in season and Teach them about the local foods in Michigan. Carrots, Apples, onions, parsnips,celery,mint and  potato  are some that are grown here that I can think of. Here is a Website for Michigan made products.  Use the Fresh veggies and a Vernors float for a treat and a snack. To make a Vernors float AKA Boston Cooler
Or make Chili and Cornbread. It is a winter movie and winter time.  This is a great movie to teach about Rabbits and what they eat.  Sorry this is so thrown together as we had a busy week this week.


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