Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Diary of 5

I am seeing...In my peripheral vision I see my daughter who is growing to be a beautiful young woman.

I am hearing...Crunch, crunch, slurp in my ear as she eats her blow pop. Luckily  it is not  a tootsie pop as she would never know truly how many licks it takes to get to the center.

I am smelling...Watermelon.

I tasted...nothing until I got to this question and she offered me a cherry one. MMM   to be a kid again!

I am feeling... sad because she has taken back my Cherry Blow pop and she said “Only a lick mom not the whole thing.”


Pat said...

Love your blog and loved this post, it made me smile and also cry cause it seems just yesterday that could have been my daughter and just about 6 months ago my little girl got married.

Mm said...

aww how sweet, Thank you. I am so glad to be meeting all of the women from the simple woman. I don't know how I found it but I am glad I did.

Sherry said...

I remember trying to count the licks on my Tootsie Pop. Impossible. haha!

Mm said...

Sherry, That is so true I remember that too and it would take way more patience, than I have.

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