Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family Bible Study Began

This year our family is reading the New Testament. The church is reading it and I wanted to read it with our whole family. Well, we  put the babies to bed and take turns reading. It is 5 chapters a week. It was so cute the first time Alex who is in Kindergarten was sitting waiting so impatiently rocking in the chair and all of a sudden he chimed in with an answer. Jim and I both looked at each other and I said "oh he Is listening"

I have been working on redoing my blog and learning the codes to do so. I am going to have my impression of what we read for the week right here and the link on the side that says bible study will show all the posts  relating to our readings for the week.  I know I am behind but I am getting closer to being caught up. LOL.. I have some of my notes from what we have read already written on paper that just needs typed.

 This week Is our 3rd week already and I promised the kids we will have snacks like we used to when we read long chapter books together. They are quiet through a chapter and I give them milk with a few cookies. When I am done with each chapter they get 2 more cookies to eat while we read the next. This works so good for us and they are happy I am doing it this Wednesday.

I wanted to get this blog redone and get all this started rather quickly as I have a blog tour coming up that I am part of through Tyndale Publishers. I have a certificate  to giveaway, that is for a free copy of  the Tony Dungy book, Uncommon Life Daily Challenge that I will be reviewing. I know I do not have that many readers so it should be easy for someone to win it all they have to do is like my face book and become a follower and things like that to enter and a leave a comment for each entry Ok, I am off to bed or I won't be at church tomorrow and Jim will be going with only Zane. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.  Oh yeah I am not a writer, English major or a pastor so I hope you don't mind. Missy


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