Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How is everyone doing with their new years resolution/goal to lose weight?

These pics are from right after I had the twins. And 35 pounds lighter... GRRR... I can not wait to be able to be more active. I can not even walk on My tread  mill right now. So I had started trying to lose weight and  lost about 10 pounds and then I gained it back cause I got sick. My c section never healed properly. They may have to go do a Laparoscopy   take  a scope and look around inside of my insides to see if I have adhesion's. It causes a bunch of pain across my lower back and stomach. I started feeling sick last summer then after many doc appointment's and an ultrasound of a swollen lymph node the doc said it all turned out fine. No explanation of the swollen gland or pain which lead him to referring me to a Cancer Center.  I have a appointment with a cancer center  but I went to get another opinion  and my ob doctor seems to think it is to do with my c section and all my insides being infected. He thinks that the cancer idea is too  dramatic. So here I am taking 2 antibiotics that are very strong to see if it will help. He thinks it will and then we can go forward with seeing how to deal with the pain from the c section scarring (adhesion's or what ever it is). This is great news for me and trying to get some exercise to lose some of this weight because It is very depressing not being able to do much with out being tired and sick all the time. All of my pain from the C section never went away this time like it did last Time and I am so tired all the time is is crazy.

So My stomach is kinda showing in this pic but oh well.. this was  in  Sept 09 ?  The twins were born  in June 09   I think I may have been starting to get fatter here.

July 2009 not long at all after twins were born
June 26 ... size 7 What the heck
 Well I Know I sure am not doing very well.  about my weight loss now  if you haven't seen my current pics I have gained a ton... size  12 or 14  which i am not happy with. Ok I know I look like I am dying here it has to do with all the blood loss from the birth and stuff but still my point is how much I weighed right after having twins who were number 6 and 7 baby for me... and how much I weigh now after Matthew 


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