Friday, January 13, 2012

how to save money on your bills

Financial Friday Linkup

Ways to lower your bills when you are suddenly put on a limited income and helped the Michigan Unemployment rate go up.
How I got the Cable Company to lower my bill when we just could not afford the outrageous rate.
I told the cable company that I was not going to pay that much or I am leaving and I meant it. This was the truth as Jim and I agreed that we will have it disconnected if they did not give us a lower rate as it was way too high.  Once our introductory rate ended that we had it went up by around 60 dollars.  They got a person on the phone that was able to lower it back closer to the intro rates.  The cable line runs in front of my place no matter what so I can either pay a cheaper rate and be hooked up or it can sit in front of my house not making any money at all.

My point in all this is that if you talk to a company about the bill they can sometimes work with you and lower your rates. This goes for phone companies and Cable companies though it does not work for electric companies and those that have a monopoly in their business.  It works best when you pay your bill on time for a long period of time and have built up a relationship with the company as well. They do not want to lose a valuable customer who is a guarantee of money in their pocket.
·         Call your companies and ask them if they offer discounts for anything such as belonging to a credit union, military, Veteran, or things like that.
·          We get a military discount through sprint of 15.00 per month. That adds up to 180.00 per year.
·         We save on our house insurance for belonging to a credit union. I cannot remember while typing this exact amount.  I think it is 30 dollars per year.
·         Sign up for auto pay can save you money but if your unemployment check does not come in on time then it can cost you in the end.  Look at the options and decide what is right for you.
·         Speaking of cable, look into the option of buying your own router verses renting the one they have. Ours cost $15 per month or you can buy one for 50-100. Be sure to call the company to find out the exact type you need. With us we need a combo of router and something else in one so if you get the wrong kind you will still have to pay a monthly rental on the 2nd part. This could be another 180 per year we could save and have not taken the effort to buy one.
·         If you are in the military or a veteran look into USAA auto insurance. They pay you some back every year based on the earnings for the year and it has so far been the best rates we have found. This year we earned close to 40 dollars back that goes onto our account and toward the next bill.
·         Using an online statement can get you a discount sometimes as the company does not have to print and mail them to you.
·         You can also save money by paying online in some cases. When I pay over the phone with some companies and use my card I have to pay a fee of up to 7 dollars per month. Paying online is free and saves me $84 per year just for my electric bill alone.

When you add these amounts up it really does add up to more than a person might think.  Look at the savings that Jim and I have that   I have discussed with you today. These add up to close to 600 dollars per year.

Can you think of more ways to lower bills?  This is something that I typed up real quick today after church so I could link up to financial Friday. I am not a financial counselor and have nothing but life experience to go on. Please use this information at your own discretion.


Kelley said...

What great ideas for saving money Missy! I make sure to ask for military discount wherever we go. Did you know Lowes gives you 10% off everyday for being military? It sure helps!

Thanks for linking up!

Missy said...

Yeah! Thanks I have it on the side of my page too. We used that to put 30 grand into our house this year. Loved that discount. I was thinking about using one of my spare pages to put military discounts with the links but I have not gotten around to it yet.

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