Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Menu Monday Penne Noodle Lasagna recipe

Menu plan Monday

If you want to look further into my writing for tips and recipes and ramblings you can otherwise I have highlighted the main course.
 Emergency meals:  1:       2: 
Homework comes home tonight which makes for a busy night. (We had a snow day yesterday.) We also had an appointment at the Children’s hospital for a problem with our son that has been ongoing. We changed his meds to a lower dose and it has been documented for his father to give the meds also as he had not been. (One of those stories where you realize why god wants us to be married only once and not break his rules) So my Menu for the Week..

Breakfast:  Nana (MY MIL) made breakfast for the kids that were home.
Lunch:  Nana made lunch for the children also which were leftovers from Saturday which I had not added to the menu plan last week.
 The recipe was: Penne Noodle Lasagna type baked dish
2 pounds penne noodles, cooked and drained.
Then we added 2 jars of spaghetti sauce (It could have maybe used some more sauce I thought but maybe only ½ jars more.)
3 bags of cheese, 3 cup each. We like it cheesy but this was a little much
2 pounds of hamburger cooked and drained.
This fit into 2 regular sized cake pans to make 2 dishes.
350o for 45 minutes or so
Garlic bread
I noticed the garlicbread can take varied times to cook depending on how thick of loaf you use. I also noticed not to put excess garlic butter on it or it becomes soggy.

Dinner: We took   the leftover chicken chili from Sunday and turned it into stew by adding seasonings broth and vegetables.
Breakfast:   Pre cooked fresh sausage & Toast: My husband had started something that I think is brilliant. We buy our meat at Bird Farm Meats  to save money per meal and have fresh meat we always have bacon and sausage in the freezer on hand. This may not be the best for you but we don’t eat it every morning so I think its ok. He threw the sausage in the night before and cooked it up, placed it in little Tupperware storage containers and then re-heats in the microwave in the morning. I made up some toast for the kids that wanted it and they had a breakfast they could eat that is filing while getting ready. Most days they want to get breakfast at school which is free for the entire school system. (I do not know how they do that but they do.)
Lunch: Half day of school Peanut butter jelly sandwiches on toast, milk and a fruit snack
Dinner: Homemade egg noodles with beef and gravy and mashed potatoes as we skipped that last week. Let me tell you the secret to that homemade part. Bird farm meats have bagged noodles that someone locally made and sells. They have so many items like that in their store and that is a good reason I love it. We also have an Amish store about a mile down the road from me that has things like that to cheat with.

Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch:  Grilled cheese made with loaf of low fat cheese fruit cup and milk
Dinner:  hash brown casserole
Breakfast: oatmeal with peaches and toast
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: Grilled chickensalad Yummy this sounds good I can’t wait for it again.

Breakfast: Eggs and toast
Lunch:  Something easy like canned soup unless there are leftovers to eat
Dinner:  Going out to eat?  Otherwise we will make our own pizzas on sub buns

No plans for meals today. Maybe some leftovers


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