Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some pictures from our week... Just a few Craft ideas for art time

Craft idea for art time  using tops from misc objects to teach the babies about differences in colors and sizes. Pictures from the week... Don't forget while you are here to enter my giveaway that is going on for a Devotional book!

Alex's Dr apt Jimmy playing with the kids toys. LMBO 
Megan and ALex

The girls and I made Jim into Joseph ha ha

Troy and Matthew playing PlayStation 3 

At the Docs.. Wanted to show it to James cause of the billy goat.


Mamas turn to play with Alex

Flying Leap Frog

Baby Preschool The group circle time

Is it lunch yet?

Fine I will eat this fake fry!

Art time this is paint with circle tops of all shapes and sizes.

Sierra loves this art time!

She has paint at home just need the easel

Matthew loved dipping it in and stamping it until ...

He decided to taste it.

Time to clean up to go home means they get to take turns hitting the gong!

While waiting to be buckled up she took daddy's spot and did not want to give it up.

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Corids84 said...

Lol this looks like such fun! Thank you for linking up with Handmade On Humpday!

Jill @Two Yellow Birds Decor said...

What fun crafts you have going on around your place. Looks like lots of fun!! I am a new follower. I am on the Mommy Panel with you over at The Grant Life.

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