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Friday February 10, 2012 last week after surgery. Simple Woman's daybook

Friday February 10, 2012
Outside my window...The snow has returned and my husband has gotten an energy burst to clean the garage on the same day. Oh he wishes he had the burst of energy last week when it was still warm so the garage will have to wait.

I am thinking... about how the results will turn out from this week’s surgery.

I am thankful...for Jim and I finding a church that we both like. He will be going to church this Sunday and I will stay home as with the past 2 weeks until I am feeling better.

In the kitchen... Jim has been cooking, all the while yelling into the living room where I am sitting, “What goes next in this Hun?”  He wanted to go out to the garage tonight and work but his mom will be coming tomorrow to help me with the babies while he does the girls room. I will see how that goes as when people are cleaning around my house I have a hard time sitting here and doing nothing.

I am wearing... warm clothes and a blanket with an ice pack for my incision.

I am creating... all of my creations aside from the blog post are in my mind this week. My husband took me on Tuesday to the used store and we bought a "new to us" sectional couch (125 bucks) so that I would have something to rest on. Our other furniture was not for laying on. In the back was this one that has a recliner on both ends and is perfect for us. I love it and new things always make me dream of how I will be able to decorate my house once it is refinished.

I am make 2 meals tomorrow so that I can relax on Sunday.

I am wondering... what the girls are going to think when they come home to their belongings missing. Jim warned them for weeks if they did not clean their room and keeps it clean he was packing their things.  Tomorrow is the day he is finally going to do it.
 I am reading...  only the Gary Chapman book I got this week from Tyndale right now.

I am looking forward to... next week when all of this is over with my surgery and the follow up appointment is over with the results. The wait takes an eternity.
I am learning...  to trust in god. When it says he will not give you more than you can handle I believe it. And I know everything is in his hands.

Around the house... it will be a busy weekend. I hope I will get some rest so I can heal.

I am pondering...  so much to do.

One of my favorite things… is being in love. Through all of the mess I would not give it up.

A few plans for the rest of the week: take it easy until Jims mom comes to help then I will be working my butt off I am sure.

A peek into my day...
My new blue couch. I plan on putting a throw rug in that entrance and maybe a coat rack along the wall. I don’t mind how small it makes the living room as the play room is right off the living room and the kid’s toys belong in there. I like to all sit in here and watch a movie together.


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