Friday, February 24, 2012

God makes all kinds Grandma but you were one of a kind!

Last night I wrote a post about something my grandma Told me... God makes all kinds... Today when I woke up someone called to tell me she passed away Tuesday night.
This pic was from 2009
Quite a few years ago even before my divorce was final from my first marriage I was having a hard time with things. Someone suggested that I be matched up with a Foster Grandma. This is a christian organization that matches you with a grandma to mentor you.  I had been matched with one when I was pregnant for Troy but moved and never seen her again. When they matched me up with grandma they made the perfect match. Grandma has been there with me through so much. She was there for me through my divorce, Dating, Child birth, Jobs and wedding. She told me a while ago how proud she was of how much I have changed and it really meant a lot to me. Tomorrow I will be going to her Memorial. You know the person who listens to everything that is going on in you life and guides you in the right direction. That would be her. I know that she is happy in heaven with her husband but I can not help but miss her. She has been here every week for all these years.   She called me on Tuesday and told me that she was not going to make it to see me. GRR.... This post will not do justice to grandma.. I will type another one and tell you about her later... 


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