Monday, February 20, 2012

Meet Me on Monday Link Up

I am participating in a fun hop hosted by Acting Balanced. Here are the questions and my answers. Feel free to answer in the comments section or link up the answers from your blog.

  1. What is your favorite type of soup?
  2. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?
  3. What is your least favorite TV program?
  4. If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?
  5. What 3 places are on your bucket list to visit?

Acting Balanced

1. My favorite kind of soup homemade broccoli cheese and potato soup

2. The last movie I saw in a Theater was on my daughters 
10th birthday last year  we watched Gnomeo and Juliet. They kids get to choose a Movie date night and  dinner with Mom and Dad or a Birthday party. (They still get cake and ice cream with our family if they choose the date night just not a big party with other guests.)
3. My least favorite TV program would be things that my daughters seem to be drawn to  that have teenagers having relations that  they should not be at such an early age. 

4. If I wrote a biography it would be called " Raising me to Raise 8"

5.  The three places on my bucket list are taking the kids to the Tulip Festival, and other than that I have no clue. I really am not that into travel.


Unknown said...

Your two soups sound so YUMMY!!! and making me hungry!
Became a NEW follower, come by and visit anytime.

ShannonW said...

I think I want soup for dinner tonight! Hehe

Happy Monday

Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista said...

Just found you on the Mommy Blog Hop, I'll poke a round a little more, you have some great ideas.

Kuppy said...

My kids LOVE Gnomeo & Juliet!! Cute movie. Newest follower over from and

momto8 said...

my kids hands down favorite soup too!

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