Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Menu Monday Fat Tuesday

Menu plan Monday

Kate and Mrs Kuiper a few years ago after  their fishing trip.
Emergency meals:  1: canned soup and grilled cheese    2: Canned ravioli 
This week Jim and I have decided we need to be on a diet. I need to look into some meals that are not as starchy as I think all the bread and noodle meals we have are fattening.  I am thinking we need to eat more cereal for breakfast and also that we need to cut out one day a week of meat. We also seem to eat a lot of cheese. Not always in meals but Jim and I eat a lot of chips and cheese for snacks in the week. Although winter has been easy on us we still have not been outside. I almost think if we had more snow we would have been more active. We have not  had to shovel much at all and only needed to plow one time this year. Read My Menu below..
Homework comes home tonight which makes for a busy night.
Breakfast:  Cereal
Dinner:  Sausage biscuits and Gravy
Breakfast: cereal
Lunch: Ramens Jim and Pizza rolls for the babies
Dinner: Pancakes and sausage links Raspberry jam, chocolate chips  and whip cream toppings
Not the Traditional Fat Tuesday: Snacks galore at night. Chips and dip and whatever else you can find to munch on.
Breakfast: Cereal
Dinner: Carrots, Potatoes, Cabbage Craving a meatless feast with yummy veggies. Plus I really need to start cutting out some fat each week to lose some weight.
Breakfast: oatmeal with peaches
Dinner: Chicken Alfredo Never made it last week.

Breakfast: cereal
Dinner: Chicken strips breaded and Potato wedges
(Used emergency meal last week so I will see if we have time for this Friday or not being that the girls go to their dads this weekend)
Breakfast: Free Day
Breakfast: Cereal
Dinner: Used the Emergency meal last week so I will try this one for this week. Cheesy chicken noodles and veggies
Chicken cut into little chunks and cooked.
Noodles 1 bag
Bag of frozen veggies cooked and drained. (Broccoli, cauliflower, carrot type mixed veggies or something similar)
Velveeta type cheese I use Spartan brand Make it into a sauce per package directions and mix it all together.

Something to think about that I tell my kids:
 "God is watching you even when no one else is. You know he can see rather your house is clean or not all the time. So If God stopped by for coffee would your house be clean? Well he is here now and he can see it so clean it for him. All things are created by earth in one way or another which was created by him. They are his, not yours so take care of them."


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