Sunday, February 26, 2012


A while back we made a list of all of our favorite meals. Today I spent the afternoon making a menu out of them. It will be faster to pick out items we want to eat when making our weekly menu plan. Today I handed Jim the menu, he looked it and I typed what he chose into out weekly menu. It is much faster this way and I am hoping to make a month’s worth of menus at once so that all I have to do is link them up on Mondays. When I start preparing meals ahead and making freezer meals once a month it will make it even faster to chose a meal as well as faster to cook it when its time.

Click to see the Rest of the Menu and Our Weekly meal for this week.

Monday:Kids have the day off. This means no homework today. Girls will be home today at 6
Dinner: green bean casserole and some polish sausage
Homework comes home today.
Dinner: Tacos
Dinner: hamburgers
Breakfast: oatmeal with peaches
Dinner: Goulash
Breakfast: cereal
Dinner: Leftovers and snacks
Dinner: sandwiches and chips
Dinner: Swiss steak potatoes and corn
Emergency meals: 1: canned soup and grilled cheese 2: Canned ravioli

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Kim said...

What a great organizational idea. I often find myself at a loss when I am planning. A list like this would be helpful, indeed!

Mm said...

Thanks my husband thought it was funny like all of my as he calls them "corny" ideas but when he had it right in front of him to choose what we are eating for the week he loved it. It also took only a few minutes this way for him to pick.

Anonymous said...

I like your idea because it makes those homemade meals a bit more professional, fun, and a way to use those freezer meals in a quick way. And for those homeschooling with intent to teach another language it's a great way for kids to learn immersion!

Mm said...

Thanks and using it for language sounds neat. I was reading about using immersion to teach children another language. Myself I am English speaking only and wish I had learned Spanish when I was younger as in our area there is a need for bi-lingual people at many of the offices.

Alyssa said...

So organized! I wish I could be that organized! :)

Mm said...

Thanks although, Sometimes I think my blog looks fake. I am not all that organized but I am working on it. I am planning on using a few sites I found to work on organizing as we remodel the house. Things will have to be taken totally out of each room so it will be a great time to put back in an organized fashion. My menu is getting there though. I am loving the menu and will be adding a few things to it soon.

Theresa said...

That is such a great idea and what an impressive menu! I love Goulash :)

Mm said...

Thanks, The kids were tired of it for a while so we took it out of the mix but Jim asked for it this week.

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