Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mommy Panel Things you can not leave the hospital without when having a baby!

                                   The mommy panel
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This week’s question is
What could you not leave the hospital without?
My baby! I would not leave that hospital without the doctor getting that baby out no matter what. “I don't care if I am not even dilated I am so tired of being pregnant. Doc just please let me have it!!"   Okay serious side of things now. I always made sure I had a diaper bag that was packed for me and the baby. I had to have a new outfit, hair tie, shampoo conditioner and razors in my bag. (You know you want to shave after not being able to reach for those entire last weeks.)  I wanted to be sure that I was prepared for my return home with a comfy spot set up to lay in. It had to have access to everything I needed for baby right by my side. I hung a shelf on the wall next to my bed that was temporary with diapers, blue nose sucker, Kleenex, wipes, lotions, diaper pail, and items that were recommended for the baby for circumcision or umbilical cord. That along with a bassinet near my bed and I was all set to come home.


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