Monday, February 6, 2012

The mommy Panel things you can not live without

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After having 8 children I have had tons of different baby gadgets and items.
Number 1 for Health and Safety
I know this is gross but I have sent my father throughout the town at 3 am to find a nose sucker. It is a life saver literally for newborns with stuffy noses. They breathe through their noses not their mouths and it is very hard for them to breathe without their paths clear. They also tend to choke on saliva a lot and so when that little nose sucker got lost it was very hard getting my twins to  stop choking. James was really bad with choking.

I am not sure how I would choose one that I can’t live without aside from the staples such as Diapers wipes, blankets and sleepers etc…
The funniest one I can think of is… a walking harness.
I loved this thing when I had it for one of my children. It helps them to walk and you don’t have to bend over and hurt your back while helping them.

A bassinet that goes up to your bed or can be near is a top priority when they come home from the hospital.  You know how we as new moms have a hard time sleeping because we suddenly develop a obsessive compulsive disorder with making sure our baby is breathing whey they are born. Well it helps to have them right next to me. I love the one that has sides and you can lay it in your bed with you so you or your husband doesn’t roll on the baby.


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