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The mommy panel weekly ? Weight loss after babies

Mommy panel question 3
What kind of exercise routine did you have before, during and after the baby?
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Since the question was short and sweet and my answer never is, I have highlighted how I lost the weight each time for you. If you don’t want to read the whole thing you don’t have to that way.

Baby 1 1995: I was home alone while my first husband worked after my son was born and used him to excersize with while his dad was at work.  Put him on my legs while doing leg lifts lifted him from side to side while laying down for extra weight and things like that. It seemed to work well.   Thinking back that far to having one child, my house was so much emptier and cleaner. 

Baby 2 1999 – Favorite food during pregnancy was canned peas, peanut butter and little meat. I had to go over due with her 3 weeks to try to get her to fatten up. I breast fed and worked in the garden a lot that summer after I had her and lost that weight but soon was pregnant again for

Baby 3 2001- (Favorite food to eat during the pregnancy was Rice, bread and apparent fattening stuff) Breast fed her and that did no help to lose the weight. Sat in an apartment a lot and went pretty much nowhere. I started being a Cub Scout leader which no one wanted a girl leader and they did not bring the kids to my events eventually. No one wanted to step up and be the leader but did not like a girl leader. I started going to a woman’s meeting at a local church. It was a stress management class because I was in an abusive marriage. (Both of us had our faults and we were young when married) My oldest and I played soccer in the parking lot behind our apartment and walked up and down the stairs that are huge. I also got sent something on the choose to move program from the American heart association (At this time I was going through a start of a separation that eventually lead to divorce and began living apart from my ex husband)  It took me until 2003 to lose the weight at which time I got pregnant again.

Baby 4 2004: I did a lot of dancing with the kids and I drank a lot of cranberry juice. I did go out to eat with friends a few times a month and kept myself very busy.  I worked in a factory for awhile and hid my pregnancy as I did not want to get fired but it soon showed. It seemed like I was smaller in this pregnancy than any other. Did not take long at all to get back to my normal jeans maybe a month.  Then I got pregnant again when he was 4 months old.

Baby 5 2005, I worked at a bar and I think that helped to lose a lot of that weight. His father was very critical and would comment on things I did not do right so I would try to change them. Something about constructive criticism that worked well for me even though I should have looked at whom it was coming from. I was bought a bike and a cart that would fit all the kids in it and rode it around town. I rode the kids up and down hills like they were on a roller coaster and it really helped to shed the pounds. It was nice spending time with the kids too. I had 2 kids in the cart one on the back and one in the front pack at one time(4kids) plus My oldest rode separate I often miss these times as it is not that easy now with the highway we have here compared to the place we lived.

Baby 6 and 7 2009: This was a very busy year for me. I was married to Jim he left to go overseas and I had to move 5 times that year. Not that great to do when pregnant. It was lucky to be in the same town for the kid’s school. Most of the packing and sorting as a few moves I had to do mostly on my own and then I had helpers that helped lift big items. Do not let me miss out on saying all the help I had from Roxanne and the family and Jim’s family but I was a very busy girl for just having the twins and then moving. This is how I lost the weight from the babies. One of the houses we moved to we had to totally uncover the place from years of lawn growing up, trees needing trimmed, over grown hedges and leaves that needed raked for years. We finally moved to the house that we own outright now when the babies were 3 months old. All that work, moving, breast feeding 2 babies every 2 hours and pumping milk to feed them left me skinny.  We bought this house from my mother in law (the whole story to where that mess started with this house started September 2008. And is for another blog post) Anyways so Here I was moved into our house and things kind of went downhill. The schedule that my mother in-law kept and her living with me meant that it was hard to have my friends over. Well one day lead to the next and pretty soon I did nothing but talk to Jim online every day. I am pretty sure I had gained a bunch of weight by the time he came home at Christmas on leave but still that lead to

Baby number 8: My last baby. No really I am sure this is my last baby.  Jim came home for good on a medical release while I was 6 months pregnant for Matthew There Has been a very big life change since the pregnancy of the twins, the marriage, Owning our own house and although a lot is for the better I have lost contact with friends and don’t leave much. Many of the life changes have made me less active along with being in pain for 6 months off and on I am the heaviest I have been ever. Did I say EVER?? This was a great question from “The Mommy Panel” because I believe that my weight is fully impacted by my environment. I feel like hanging out with friends to shop, get your hair done or even going out to eat encourages you to get up and move.  Cleaning the house is a chore that helps with weight loss but the more you can get out and about and move around the better. I see lots of women like me who clean the house and work at that every day and are still fat. Spring time is great for me as I love to work in the yard and I am looking forward to getting a garden going and planting flowers. The Siding is getting redone before summer. And I can finally decorate my yard to look nice without the old eye sore of a chimney drawing the attention away from my landscaping. I will be blogging more about trying to lose weight but first I have to get past the health problems one of which is Scar tissues from the past c sections that have caused me problems. And the other the surgery that I will get my results for by Thursday.


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