Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mommy Panel what were you like before kids?

On grandmas night stand when she passed was this note...

Looking back, what were you like before kids?  That is our mommy panel question for the week.

As I read that out loud Megan blurted out SKINNY!  “Gee Megan thanks. Are you calling me fat?”   I don’t think that was what she meant with this question but yes, I am a few pounds heavier.   I was pregnant at 17, married 3 months after my 18th birthday and became a mom 46 days later.  The divorce was final in 2006 11 years and 11 months after the marriage began. 

How do I answer this question in a short enough paragraph to add it to the link up? I was a child when I became a wife and a mom. Through the years I have matured.  I grew away from things that I once liked because the love of my children was stronger.  I was never told that I could go to college and make something of myself as a kid. It was always told to me that we did not have the money for college. I took the test to join the ARMY, was talking to a recruiter…

 I had a baby instead. I wanted to go places, see things and jump out of planes. I thought of joining the Peace Corps. I tried at college a few times as an adult and was never able to finish due to daycare issues. After having 3 kids I found a program where I could have joined the Red Cross. They would have provided training also. I would have had to move with my kids out of town.  

 My life would have gone a totally different direction and I am glad that I made the choice to stay. I am a compassionate person who has sometimes found the best in the worst which has gotten me in trouble at times.  On my grandmas nightstand when she passed was a piece of paper she wrote the popular saying “life is not measured by the breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away.”   While some measure their success by income, Job, status and the kind of car they drive they have nothing to leave behind that will not rust. When you leave your 40 grand a year job you can be replaced. I did not put my life on hold to raise my children nor did I give up things for them that will really be missed in the end. Life simply changed and gave me something that will last through eternity.    As the pastor said at grandma’s funeral you write your own obituary while you live. Grandma was a Veterans Nurse and Mentor. Her life will live on in the things she taught me and others with her compassion and understanding. God choose her to be a mother of many though none biological. The lesson I have learned through out 17 years of raising babies is that the choices I make as a parent are being watched and modeled. It is my responsibility to do things that when modeled will help my children be a benefit to society.  I was not always the best role model and still continue to make improvements.


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